Udfine | An artificial intelligence and smart wearable service provider

About Us


Udfine is a brand of Youdifan Technology, established in 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai. It is the world’s leading provider of artificial intelligence and smart wearable services. Udfine is invested by Shunwei Capital, IDG Capital, and Capital Today, and is one of Xiaomi’s ecological chain members.

At Udfine, we see the vibrant future of smart wearables. We fuse fashion and innovative technology, to allow for smart devices to become a vehicle of personal style, connecting every aspect of future lives.

In the future, Udfine will lead the way in innovation and design, creating original product forms and insightful designs, bringing a wide range of attractive choices to consumers.

At Udfine, we strive for better, for making every minute count.

If time never stops, why should we?


Define the next generation of human-computer interaction and simplify life with innovation.


Make friends with users and be an enterprise that continues to create better products in the hearts of users.


Customer priority
Embrace change
Win-Win cooperation
Dedication and responsibility



Udfine hires the best talents and provides employees with competitive salaries, generous benefits, and career development opportunities.


Udfine delivers products with practicality, leading technology, compelling features and excellence to create the clear differentiation our customers appreciate and expect.


Udfine adopts a vertically integrated business model with strategic design, manufacturing, distribution, sales and support centers around the world.


Udfine relentlessly pursues innovation to create new products and markets that lead to growth opportunities.


Udfine is constantly reinvesting in people, facilities and equipment to focus on long-term success and stability.